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  • Armageddon
    Pick up the golden balls, avoid the red ones.
  • Helicopter
    Fun flash game where you keep on clicking to control the altitude of your hel...
  • Heels n Wheels
    Heels 'n' Wheels is an easy to play and super addictive game of skill. Drive ...
  • Missile Game 3D
    Fly a missile at insane speeds through a tunnel system. Your goal is to avoid...
  • De Grote Samsamrace
    Ride on your bicycle, avoid all the obstacles along the path
  • Castle Cat 2
    Play a cute cat that throw mace and fire cannon. Collect coin and avoid runni...
  • Downhill Adventure
    Sled downhill and avoid bumping into obstacles
  • Spooky Hoops
    Avoid the skeletons and collect the pumpkins so you can make a basket
  • Bomb Jack
    Collect bombs and coins and avoid contacts with monsters
  • Starsky and Hutch
    Avoid all obstacles in this simple street racing game
  • Whaked Studio
    Click on as many "treasure" as possible and try to avoid the negative objects
  • Ollie
    This is a game where you need to jump most of the time. Avoid the bubbles as ...
  • Astro Boy
    Avoid hit by the asteriod and destroy it to survive
  • Lunatic
    Avoid the little green balls that come out of the explosions
  • Demolition Dodge
    An unusual twist to demolition derby, in this game you must avoid the other d...
  • Eruption Disruption
    A volcano has erupted and its up to you to fly through the ash clouds and col...
  • Transport-robots
    Help your robots to avoid obstacles and traps to get back to the base.
  • The Murziks
    Stay away from the evil Murziks! Avoid them and collect as many points as pos...
  • Bullet
    In this game you control a lonely bullet against lot of other enemy bullets. ...
  • Smiley Jump
    Help the Smiley face survive in this platform game, you have to avoid falling...
  • RoBoxer 2
    Punch the enemy robots to damage them while avoid being punched yourself.
  • Jimmy The Fin
    Avoid the jelly fish and swim as far as you can.
  • Bob Hungry
    Catch good food and avoid bad and junk food!
  • Air Dodge
    Navigate your plane and avoid any obstacles that block your path
  • Freddy
    Fred Flinstone gets to eat all the food in this game. Move quickly but always...

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