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  • Bridge Tactics 2
    Back with a bridge-blasting vengeance!
  • BlastOff Bunnies
    Blast as many bunnies into deep space as you can! Collect money, buy upgrades...
  • The Last Fight
    A Contra-like action game! Make your way through the level blasting your guns...
  • Storm Winds
    Fortify your base with several turrets and start blasting the hell out off th...
  • Letum
    Use your weapons to blast all of the zombies that are out to kill you. Walk t...
  • Corridor
    Move down this corridor while blasting away enemies.
  • Blasting Agent
    Take on the Black Hand of Fate and their bio-engineered army!
  • Shop N Dress Balloon Blasting
    Pop Some balloons to earn enough dough for dresses.
  • Deconstructor
    Walk through the levels blasting all of the enemy robots trying to take you out!
  • Bubble Tanks 3
    Another version of a great game. Fly from bubble to bubble blasting enemies. ...
  • Fly Hard 2
    fly through the dangerous skies blasting enemy ships before they blast you. S...
  • Ninja Bolt
    Bolt across the roof tops of Neo Tokyo! Out run your enemies while blasting ...
  • Rubble Trouble Tokyo 2
    Don't let that rubble cause you trouble. Destroy and demolish buildings to pi...
  • Celestica
    Clean up these space junk punks with some serious blasting!.
  • Private PWN
    Here's the new monster-blasting game from the maker of Rage..
  • Blueshift
    An awesome side-scrolling shooter. Grab some powerups and start blasting!.
  • Cosmo Pilot
    In this game you need to assemble your rocket and blast off while blasting aw...
  • Blast the Mooks Level Pack
    The mooks return for another round of blasting! Blast each of the hunger mook...
  • Gang Blast
    A new sheriff is in town and that sheriff is you! You must protect the town f...
  • Gunshot Cowboy
    Run through the wild west blasting Indians and bad cowboys that are trying to...
  • Roller Rider
    Roller Rider challenges you to race hundreds of feet above the ground, scream...

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