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  • Flower Throw
    Collect as many flowers as you can and then throw them at the girl.
  • Flower Frenzy
    Match 3 flowers to get points.
  • Symphony in Bee
    Help BeeHoven to play the symphony by collecting all the musical flowers.
  • Flower Girl
    Catch the flowers in the right order.
  • jj's Flower Garden
    Step into this wonderful scenic garden and help JJ and her puppy bring back s...
  • Kiwitiki: Flower Paradise
    Kiwitiki loves flowers. Help him to explore the island to collect them.
  • FarmBee
    As farmBee you're in charge of helping the farmer keep his crops of beautiful...
  • Whindy2 Rc
    Whindy lives quietly from their last adventure, until one day the flowers beg...
  • Diner Dash Hometown Hero
    On a visit to her hometown, Flo and her Grandma Florence take a stroll down m...
  • Turtle Flight
    Help the turtle reach his spaceship. Collect all the flowers to complete each...
  • Maze Game Play 24
    Guide the spider to reach the flowers.
  • Jungle Bounce
    Bounce up into the air and try to grab flowers and dodge other obstacles that...
  • Tarnation
    Send your red, blue and yellow flowers to dispatch the tars before they reach...
  • Zelda Valentine Quest
    Help Link gather together the right ingredients to get flowers for Zelda.
  • Garden Sokoban
    Push the flower pots around the maps as you try to get them all to the flower...
  • Flower Design Shop
    In this game you are designing bouquets of flowers. If youre playing in story...
  • Bee Beep
    Make a good combination of flowers to pollinate.
  • Llamas on the go
    Help the llamas grab flowers along the way.
  • Flower Quest
    Connect two or more flowers by rotating the twigs to clear away the tiles fro...
  • Spring Fairys Beauty
    Spring Fairys Beauty The beauty of this Fairy brings Spring here. Spring Fair...
  • Garden Shop
    Plant, Water, and sell flowers in your shop.
  • Pink Heart Dressup
    She has a collection of lovely dress with flowers and beads. Pink color and h...
  • Winx Flight Training
    Help Flora collect Flowers and avoid monster trees that she might bump along ...
  • 30 Days Honey
    Mr. Bee challenges you to collect money as much as you can in 50 days. Build ...
  • Flowergirl
    Help the girl to collect least number of flowers in every level before time r...

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