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  • Sneaky Santa
    Sneak around in a house and steal stuff.
  • Obama vs Zombies
    Zombies are attacking the White House and Obama is left to fend for himself.
  • The Scene Of The Crime Golden Doll
    A small house on the beach, something really bad happened there. Try to find ...
  • Pest Attack
    Clean up the house - get rid of all the rats and spiders
  • I Remain
    Desolation. Isolation. Survival. One of the last survivors on earth must use ...
  • Catch Em If You Can
    Catch ‘em if you can is a light-hearted time-management game set on a f...
  • Rosy Coloring: Dog House
    One is sour and one is sweet, but in color both these pups'll be a treat!
  • Rosy Coloring: House Cats
    The only thing more fun than one kitten in the house is two!
  • Pony Adventure
    Giddy up, girl! Lasso up that house!
  • House of Lost Souls
    Deep in the Black Forest lives a demon, trapping souls lost in the spirit wor...
  • The Haunting of Magnolia Manor
    Magnolia Manor is a strategy game in which you, as a ghost, attempt to fright...
  • TimedHouse
    Trapped in a house with no way to escape. Can you survive long enough to win?...
  • Sweets House 3
    Infiltrate in to the house and search for hidden sweets.
  • Chicken House
    Solve puzzles with angry chickens in the house!
  • Scooby Doo Fast
    Our famous character Mr.Bean is again put in trouble, by his usual foe. He is...
  • Christmas Coloring
    4 Christmas coloring pages including snowman, gingerbread house, Christmas tr...
  • Mario Ghosthouse
    Mario took a shortcut and got lost in the haunted house. Only you can help hi...
  • Meat Mansion II
    You need to pick better hiding places. This house is full of Zombies! Keep th...
  • Nick D
    Some thieves have entered your house to still Christmas gifts. You need to hi...
  • Free Ice Cream
    Free Ice Cream is a puzzle game with a hint of horror. Help Cindy Lou escape ...
  • Castle TD
    defend your manor-house from 30 waves of opponent attackers
  • Kidnapped By Ghosts
    Kidnapped by ghosts is a adventure puzzle game. Using your mouse point and cl...
  • Mouse House
    When the master is out, the house belongs to the mouse! Click a spot on the p...
  • Doll House Builder
    Get a grip on doll house design and everything will fall into place!
  • Fratboy House Wars
    Who wants to knock down a frat house? Frat biy war back and forth to knock do...

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