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  • Recess Dodgeball
    Use your sligshot and ball to hit the kids and objects.
  • Fetch n Stretch
    An addictive game where you must collect the kids to stretch your limo. Hit a...
  • Short Bus Rampage
    Rampage with the bus - as the bus driver you decided to go rampage and run th...
  • Panda-sum
    Panda sum is a fun addition math games for kids.
  • Smiley Jump
    Help the Smiley face survive in this platform game, you have to avoid falling...
  • Beach Volleyball
    Here’s the chance to Enjoy the beautiful backdrop of a lovely tropical beach ...
  • The Brave Hussar 2
    The brave hussar returns to deal more damage to the orcish army. Now the drag...
  • Line Runner 2
    Race through different obstacles by drawing a path for your runner. Collect r...
  • Rival Rodents
    Life in a zoo is hard. you try to survive by eating lot's of green shiny appl...
  • Be Water
    You\'re a rain drop and you need to pick up water drops to survive. Slide ove...
  • Jumping Man
    Jump for your life, as the blocks you\'re standing on gets higher or falls in...
  • Fruit Dude
    Escape the jungle before the fire-summoning shaman grills you!
  • Fally Jump Crab
    Help Fally, the crab, climb the falling world, in this tower jump game!
  • Happy Harrys Heroix
    Happy Harrys fiancee has been kidnapped. Can you make your way through 20 fas...
  • Fruit Dude 2
    Run, jump, survive!
  • Medicine Mayhem
    A Diner Dash inspired casual game where the player controls a doctor to save ...
  • Froggo the Frog
    Help Froggo eat all the fruits before time runs out.
  • Little Big Jump
    Nice little game with 13 levels!
    Challenge yourself in this fun and addicting adventure game. Use your amazing...
  • jj's Flower Garden
    Step into this wonderful scenic garden and help JJ and her puppy bring back s...
  • Hans Coldy & Emma Qualdy
    A great new Adventure game. Help our Secret Agent Hans Coldy to rescue his be...
  • The Hero Guy From Our Logo: The Game
    Save the world from an onslaught of meteors!
  • TCT
    An unique adventure RPG taking place in a modern (non-fantasy) setting!
  • Star Fish
    It's an aquatic adventure as you speed below the sea to catch those pesky sta...
  • Whindy in a Colorless World
    Baddies have invaded the land, sucking it dry of color. It's up to Whindy to ...

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