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  • Sneaky Santa
    Sneak around in a house and steal stuff.
  • Santa Fighter
    Santa fighting game
  • Turbo Christmas
    Help Santa Claus or Biblical Magi Three Kings to put the presents into the ch...
  • Happy Christmas
    Help Santa collect his presents and keep those damn squirrels away from them.
  • Snowboarding Santa
    Snowboarding game with a different - guide Santa through the forest
  • Operation SOS
    Save the Santa and Christmas from evil penguin in this shoot them up!
  • Santa Snowboard
    Santa go around in snowboard
  • Friday the 24th
    Attack elves and Santa Claus in Xmas eve.
  • Sleepy Santa
    Christmas is near, but Santa fall a sleep. Enter his dreams and convince him ...
  • Wrap Attack
    It was Christmas and Doctor Zass hated this time of year. He has never receiv...
  • Anaksha Female Assassin
    Anaksha Female Assassin is a cinematic, flash-based, shooter set within the r...
  • Santa Blast
    Coming down the chimney is not nearly as challenging as going back up it, you...
  • Super Santa Shooter
    Santa's scared of heights: help him get up on the rooftop!
  • Polar Pogo
    Help Pekko the Polar Bear bounce his way across icebergs using his super-char...
  • Snowy Meltdown
    Help the snowball collect as many presents as possible in collect mode, or he...
  • Santa What?
    Fill the streets with the gifts from santa!
  • Holidayfrenzy
    Holiday Frenzy is a festive Slide/Match and Pop game that\'s a real blast!
  • Sober Santa
    Santa is out delivering presents, but all those drinks are making him Merry. ...
  • Santa and his naughty reindeer
    Poor Santa,where has his naughty reindeer gone? help him to take back all the...
  • Santaman and His Iced Muffins
    Someone has stolen Santaman\'s iced muffins! Help him get them back!
  • Onesnowynight
    Every year Santa relies on only the most skillful of trusted elves to help d...
  • Christmas Defense
    Nothing says Christmas-time like defending Santa\'s milk and cookies from an ...
  • Little Elf Emmy Dressup
    Dress up Little Elf Emmy in great Christmas traditions of fashions. Click and...
  • Santa\'s Little Elf Dressup
    Dress up Santa\'s Little Elf in great Christmas traditions of fashions. Click...
  • Santa\'s Little Lady Dressup
    Dress up Santa\'s Little Lady in great Christmas traditions of fashions. Clic...

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